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Replacing an obsolete system is pricey, time-consuming, and demanding. But keep in mind there are less risky options.

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How to modernise legacy systems

As technology advances, more and more businesses are struggling with legacy systems. A common temptation is to rip and replace existing software. But starting from scratch with a brand new system can prove hugely disruptive for business. At Profinit, we’ve developed a less costly, risky and time-consuming solution.

The recent Gartner report recognised Profinit as one of the leading vendors in the field of application consolidation, legacy infrastructure and application migration and as a vendor that is strong in accelerated technology modernisation.

Our incremental approach to legacy systems modernisation reduces technical debt and scales to meet your evolving business needs. Discover how we can help you meet your most pressing technology challenges.

Main Challenges of Legacy Systems Modernisation


Poor digital business support

Embracing digital means introducing new business models and delivering ever more data to customers. When flexibility and scalability are compromised, a legacy system is simply unable to deliver the value business demands.


Changing requirements

Businesses constantly require software systems to adapt. But what happens when that capability is no longer being met? The tipping point is reached when organisations begin to struggle with integrating new features due to inadequate technology, architecture or functionality.


High pace of change

Lack of agility is a major obstacle for organisations looking to enhance services. Reduced opportunity for growth also hinders competitive advantage. When a system is unable to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of change, business ends up playing a game of catch-up it can never win.


Time, cost & risk of change

All processes suffer if time-to-market is holding business back. The cost and risk associated with ignoring this problem over a long period of time are monumental. Taking pre-emptive action by recognising the need for modernisation can help reduce the damage.


Technical debt

Quite simply, a system is no longer viable when the means are not meeting the end. The longer technical debt is left to accumulate the worse things get. And as with any loan, the trick to paying off the debt is to know the term and manage accordingly. The “temporary fix” approach never works long-term.


Ageing technologies

All systems and applications eventually become legacy. But when a system has been lagging behind for many years, the time for change can no longer be avoided. CIOs have to weigh up whether the time and expense spent maintaining ageing technologies day-in day-out is worth all the effort.


Unsupported platforms

Left with an unsupported platform offering zero or limited support? If the answer is yes, you’re one of many businesses facing the same predicament. Having such a system represents a technical burden in terms of scalability and compliance. But it also poses a serious security risk that can affect all aspects of an organisation.


Skills shortage

Whatever about motivating existing teams to work with unsupported platforms, recruiting new personnel to take on the job is an uphill task. Of all the risks legacy systems impose, the impacts they have on opportunities for IT teams to upskill are probably the most detrimental.


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In Profinit, we’re delighted to have found a professional partner that will help our bank to develop custom applications well into the future. We look forward to working together on ideas for new projects across our extensive portfolio.

Warburg legacy system
Rainer Vorwerk Systems Delivery Manager at M. M. Warburg & Co.

After the first workshop, we were sure that Profinit, with their software engineering expertise and knowledge, was the right partner for us.

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