Profinit Modernisation Framework

Our comprehensive set of tools and best practices ensures the needs of enterprise-wide modernisation are met across both business and IT.

Choose the Professional Approach to Legacy

With over 20 years’ experience helping companies get future-ready, Profinit has developed a modernisation framework geared to delivering functional, robust and agile systems that perform over the long term.

Assessment processes Defines assessment processes to analyze the challenge and choose the right modernisation approach. Changes with future in mind Proposes architectural, design, technological and process changes with respect to currenttrends. Always plans for the upcoming years, not months. Software engineering excelence Continuously applies software engineering and computer science best practices to achieve stunning results and add business value. Analytical tools Uses best-in-class tooling together with unique in-house solutions to get a complex overview of the challenge. Iterative, incremental & safe We use a step-by-step approach to ensure agreed improvements are effectively implemented, managed and 100% secure. Profinit Modernisation Framework

The key to modernising any legacy system is to address the specific problems at hand. To meet every eventuality, we apply the Profinit Modernisation Framework to oversee a successful, agile and continuous transition from non-functioning to fit-for-purpose applications. Of course, not all systems require all elements to be modernised. But for those that do, our systematic framework provides the solution to each part of the legacy systems puzzle.

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