Legacy Systems Takeover

Trust in our comprehensive legacy systems takeover solution. We identify your key challenges and create a modernisation plan with future change in mind.

Complete Systems Takeover by Profinit

Drawing on over 20 years’ experience, Profinit has developed a methodology to ensure a smooth and comprehensive software systems takeover. Our tried-and-proven best practices help organisations to:

  • Stabilise systems and environments
  • Upgrade SW quality and minimise production bugs
  • Expedite deliveries, shorten TTM and increase team capacity
  • Support risk sharing and cost optimisation

As shown below, the takeover proceeds over three key phases. Our legacy systems modernisation solution is systematically implemented during the Assessment and Transition phase. Once completed successfully, the takeover is then finalised during the Full-Service phase.

Timeframe of the whole takeover process:

Assessment (weeks) Takeover process Previous supplier Short overlap Transition (months) Full service (years)

Why choose Profinit?

  • Proven methodology & cutting-edge tech stack
  • 22 years of experience in SW engineering & development
  • Short handover & smooth engagement with suppliers
  • New business functionality, hotfixes & change requests

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