Gartner recognises Profinit web

Gartner report identifies Profinit as one of the vendors in “Accelerated Technology Modernization”

by Michal Roskanin, Digital Marketing Manager

The recent Gartner report “IT Service Providers to the Global Insurance Industry” recognised Profinit as one of the leading vendors in the field. The report features Profinit as an example of a vendor that provides strong execution in application consolidation, legacy infrastructure and application migration, adopting cloud infrastructure and deploying API gateways for multichannel access.

Legacy system replacement projects

Why rip-and-replace projects do more harm than good in legacy system replacement

by Michal Petrik, Head of Software Development

Is it really worth replacing your legacy system? Before you take the plunge, you should know there are three common misconceptions business decision-makers often have about replacing the whole legacy system. To manage these unrealistic business expectations, a couple of key areas need to be addressed first.

Legacy Modernization as one time project

Legacy modernisation as a one-off project? Think again!

by Michal Petrik, Head of Software Development

Investing in something you don't need right now seems to be a reasonable decision. However, if your company addresses only the most immediate problems, inevitably the day comes when your old core system run amok and action will have to be taken quickly. Changing a legacy core system is a complex process and continuous modernization is the right answer to it.

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