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Our story

Profinit is a software outsourcing company based in Prague. Established in 1998, we specialise in custom software development and maintenance as well as IT consulting.

With offices in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we provide nearshore services to clients across Central and Western Europe and the US. We’re currently expanding our operations in Germany, Austria, Benelux, Switzerland and the UK.

The recent Gartner Report “IT Service Providers to the Global Insurance Industry” recognised Profinit as one of the leading vendors in the field. Profinit is featured as a vendor that is strong in accelerated technology modernisation.


Key facts

Top 3

Custom application development companies in the Czech Republic


Our company headquarters are ideally located in the heart of Europe


Established in 1998, we boast more than 25 years’ experience in software development


An experienced team of over 600 dedicated and skilled IT professionals in 3 countries

25+ years in the business and still growing

Ever since we started in 1998, we’ve gone on to establish Profinit as one of the top 3 SW development companies in the Czech Republic. At the end of 2022, Profinit had over 600 employees on its books and recorded the best national industry growth.

Attention to detail is in our DNA

We believe that with the right blend of skill, knowledge and enthusiasm any task can be achieved. We take the individual approach, working in close collaboration with all our clients from day one to project end-date to deliver innovative development solutions.

We get behind young talent

As part of our ongoing commitment to the wider tech community, we support new start-ups as well as student competitions such as IT SPY and education initiatives like makeITtoday. Through these efforts, we’re paving the way for the next generation of budding developers.

We partner with leading universities

Training and development go hand in hand. Every year we run a five-module programme for comp-sci students focused on the fundamentals of software engineering. We also actively support promising applied science research groups and grant programmes. Over 92% of our technical staff are either qualified with a university degree or involved in ongoing education.

We use only the latest IT tools

Our seasoned consultants and technicians are skilled in the use of a wide range of modern technologies. As well as established platforms such as Java, .NET, Javascript, Typescript, Python and SQL, we deploy the latest open-source tools like Kotlin, Rust, GraphQL, WebGL, CUDA as well as other frameworks and libraries.

Always learning from the best

Our methodologies and best practices are used by technology and innovation leaders such as NASA, Google, Construx and ThoughtWorks. We also make in-house upskilling of all Profinit employees a daily priority. Our continuous education programme ensures our technicians never miss a beat and stay on top of the latest IT developments.

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