Case study / Rapid IT Portal Takeover for a Leading Austrian Insurance Company

Rapid IT Portal Takeover for a Leading Austrian Insurance Company

Cloud-native solution

< 1-month transition

Fully automated

Project Brief

Take over and upgrade a Java-based IT portal from a previous vendor without any support or documentation in less than a month.

Transitioning from our previous vendor was a real turnkey delivery for us. Profinit worked quickly to implement all the upgrades we required, freeing up more time to specify new features.

Client’s comments
We’ve respected the client’s wish to remain anonymous


As one of the largest insurance groups in Central and Eastern Europe, our client knows how important well-managed IT governance is for the effective use of IT and information sharing across its enterprise.

The client had previously tasked a local vendor to develop a custom portal solution from scratch. As standard, the application was to provide most of the common portal-related features. These included user and content management as well as an integrated internal enterprise architecture (EA) tool that would provide a wide range of data to end-users.

However, in September 2019, the vendor informed the client that they would be unable to deliver the functionalities required. With the solution due for release by the end of the year, the client asked Profinit to step in and take over the project at a critical juncture.

Business Needs

The solution needed to meet the following targets:

  • Swift takeover despite no communication with the previous vendor
  • Azure DevOps configuration and operation
  • Fully-documented solution
  • Implementation of new features
  • Deadline of 3 months


Profinit’s unique takeover methodology, the result of more than 20 years’ experience in software engineering, was perfectly suited to the challenge. The first phase saw us carry out a full Legacy Systems Assessment lasting two weeks. During this time we analysed the solution in its entirety, running it in our local development environment.

At the end of this phase, we presented a roadmap to the client outlining actions for delivering the required features within the desired timeframe and to the quality expected. These steps covered all software engineering tasks including team setup, collaboration requirements, Azure DevOps configuration, source code management and the long-term deployment of future features.

After mutual acceptance of the roadmap, an agile Scrum team was formed to perform sprints over a 3-week period. The first two sprints focused on refactoring, integrations and native Azure DevOps workflow setup. Following the third sprint, the application was ready to go into production. This enabled our team to solely focus on the implementation of new features until the project end-date.

This meant that by the end of 2019 the solution was released to production with even more features than originally planned.

Project timeline 2-week system assessment 3-week-long sprints with new functionality Release to production In just 3 months

Tech Stack

Azure SQL
Angular 10
Azure DevOps

Project Summary

We took over the client’s portal-like Java solution in less than a month and completed the whole project on time, delivering even more features than expected.

  • A new Java-based portal up and running in Azure cloud in just three months
  • An agile solution resulting in the delivery of 50% more features
  • Integration of the Azure DevOps platform with the benefits of automation/processes support and knowledge sharing
  • Fully-documented solution serving as a basis for other Java-based applications

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