Transition Phase

The Transition Phase focuses on the delivery of improvements in agreement with the client.

Takeover phases

The purpose of the Transition Phase is to build a solid foundation for the full-service definition. Activities in the Transition Phase involve improving the system and software development processes and delivering hot fixes and change requests as part of any potential new release. The focus is on delivering the highest quality in line with expected parameters.

Transition System Processes Hot fixes Improvements Change requests

Activities & Deliverables

ActivityDeliverable (description)
ImprovementsImprovements defined in the Assessment Phase are implemented.
Team scale-upTeam scales up to incorporate all activities.
HotfixesSelected hotfixes deployed into production.
Change requestsSelected change requests implemented and delivered as part of a production release.
ContractFull-service contract finalised unless already previously completed.
Full-service planPlan for the first iteration of full services is created in agreement with the client.


The Transition Phase schedule is delivered as part of the Assessment Phase and can last anything from weeks to months depending on the effort required.


The effort required for the Transition Phase is defined as part of the Assessment Phase, with the contract based on a Time & Material (T&M) model.

Expected Collaboration

The Transition Phase depends on collaboration with the client, specifically team members with knowledge of the system. System-based requirements are specified; collaboration excludes work on hotfixes and change requests.

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